7 thoughts on “WishTree !

  1. Aap dono ki jodri kbhi na tuty, Khuda kare aap aik dusre se kabhi na ruthe Yuni aik hokar aap ye zindagi bitayein, ki Aap dono se khushyion ke aik pal bhi na chhute……..

  2. To start with, this really amazing news!! Really happy for you guys. Congratulations and wish you guys all the happiness in the world!! 🙂

  3. Luv u so much–best Jodi in world–guys you proved luv has no bars— waiting for your wedding..

  4. Dear Neelam and Deepak,
    Wonderful news!! 🙂
    Heartiest congratulations on starting a new chapter of your relationship and life together. Wishing you many more great adventures along the way.
    Lots of love and best wishes,

  5. Simply wao!! This is gonna be a great wedding for sure. 10years of togetherness going to be life long promise to stay together. You guys rock!!! Really happy for you both. I m going to miss the wedding but will welcome you both here in Pune.

  6. Acha bc ,I have a different explanation for that 10years of togetherness which includes elements of surprise,decievnes,the memorable parties at bar ,balconies ,terrace ,open jeep ,Oakwood,that stupid basketball court ,CME ….lost being too long ,and of course u still owe me a lot
    Dear Neelam ,
    Immense heartiest wishes from my end ,god bless u with long innings and togetherness of life ,

    God save u guys if I be present at ur marriage
    I m going to drink n do drama at every corner of ur marriage,as such this behra character have done enogh in others marriages …..

    The one who can not be named ,the stars r enogh to explain

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